Cockburn Community Planning Panel

A new way for residents to engage in city planning processes.


The Cockburn Community Planning Panel is a new way for residents to become engaged in our city's planning processes. While this might be a new concept to Cockburn, other local governments engage far more proactively providing supportive pathways that achieve 'real' input into their planning process. Have a look at how Toronto are improving public engagement by capturing input from a broader segment of their community.

From my experience on Council traditional planning processes have not always provided the best outcomes for our city. We need to provide better ways of bringing our community to the table before Councillors consider big planning decisions and the allocation of developer contribution funds.. The Cockburn Planning Review Panel will provide opportunities to review the way our city consults and provide a direct way for residents to give advice.

This is why Toronto have a Planning Review Panel

"Toronto is changing fast. Each year 20,000 net new residents make the city their home, and they all need places to live, work, and play. This means we need to build or upgrade new and existing buildings, public spaces and infrastructure to meet the city’s changing needs. The Planning Review Panel is a new way for residents to share their perspectives on how best to direct this growth and change. The City of Toronto’s Planning Division believes the input of residents like you, and the expert knowledge you have about the communities you live in, is essential for good decision-making. The insights and local expertise of the Panel will complement other forms of community consultation and help to ensure that growth occurs in ways that reflect the values and priorities of Toronto’s residents."

Sound familiar?

Current Council policy will need to change however we have a Councillor led DAPPS Committee to review and support changes.

 The Delegated Authorities, Polices and Position Statements Committee (DAPPS) meets five times per year to formally review and approve Policies and associated Delegated Authorities and Position Statements. The Committee also reviews its Delegated Authorities in accordance with the Local Government Act and other Acts on an annual basis. Recommendation are made by the committee and bought back to full council for ratification. 

Lee-Anne Smith

East Ward Councillor and Deputy Mayor

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