Community Fund

"The money donated today will stay in Cockburn forever"


The Gift that keeps on Giving to Cockburn

All around Mayors and Local Councils  work hard to promote community funds, capable of leaving a lasting legacy on their city. I have received confirmation from the WA Local Government Association this is a venture I can run with. A fund very different from the WA Lord Mayors disaster relief fund,  this is a fund only for Cockburn.

I know how hard our community, residents, and sporting groups work to build their bank accounts and I also know many resident's that could do with a helping hand every now and then. The fund will also provide an opportunity for micro businesses and innovative individuals to kick start their ideas.

As an award winning sought after CEO in the WA not for profit sector I have attracted and manged millions of dollars in donations and government grants. If elected I will work hard to do the same 'just for Cockburn'. 

"You are the person best placed to do this" was the response I received from a key economic player in Cockburn when presenting the initiative.

A Cockburn Community fund has the potential to build capital and generate interest providing funds to support the work of Cockburn Community Groups and Individuals. The funds will be professionally managed by the Australian Communities Foundation.

All donations to a Cockburn Community fund can be managed by the Australian Communities Foundation with all proceeds allocated locally by an appointed Cockburn resident's panel.

While anybody will be able to make a regular donation to the Fund for as little as $1 or $2 per week or choose to make a one-off donation I will leverage my Elected Member and professional networks to attract funds for our community. 

All donations of $2 or more will be fully tax deductible and any contribution appreciated.

Workplace Giving 

Local businesses can participate in a workplace giving program through their employer contributing directly to the Community Fund. Workplace giving donations can be deducted from employees salary before tax, potentially reducing their taxable income. This means donors receive a tax benefit immediately rather than having to wait until the end of the financial year. 

Cockburn Forever

Residents may wish to consider a bequest in their Will to the Community Fund providing a lasting legacy to the Cockburn community. It will become a gift that keeps on giving making a significant difference to the lives of people in Cockburn.

Annually, I will host the Cockburn Gala event of the year to raise much needed funds!

Lee-Anne Smith

East Ward Councillor and Deputy Mayor

Email me anytime or phone 0497 953 153



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