Representing the residents of East Ward and the City of Cockburn as Deputy Mayor

I am driven to represent the City of Cockburn's EAST Ward while delivering the best possible return on ratepayer investment

Local Employment 

Council leading by example, giving priority to local businesses, local residents and facilitating the way for big business to follow.

Community Fund

charitable community foundation, supporting local residents, ideas, and community issues important to them.

Local Planning Panel

Involving residents, early in the planning of our city, protecting amenity and influencing how developer contribution funds are allocated.


The fastest growing and most diverse Ward in the City

The commitments I made leading into the 2017 LG Elections

I know this is one our biggest frustrations and while I commit to getting the State Government's new commitments delivered, I also commit to ensuring residents & business affected by land grab get the best deal they deserve. I will continue pushing to ensure our local government connecting roads are upgraded and maintained. 

It is with a heavy heart this is even on my list. While I am more than angry to see the way our Jandakot residents have been treated I will continue to fight for a fair deal and the vision you demand.

For those not affected, but worried, I will represent your views, demands and lobby hard  to protect your rural amenity and lifestyle.

The fastest growing area within the City.  Calleya the new kid on the block - I am proud of the relationship we have and will continue my regular updates and push for the lifestyle you bought into. Budget time this year I achieved every budget item the East Ward  asked for. We still have a way to go and I ask that you give me the opportunity to continue working with and foryou.

 I am a single income family and was Elected to Council with my rates on a payment plan. I do not take lightly any rate increase and will commit to restrained spending to keep rates below the suggested CPI increase. I will continue to ensure residents get the very best value for their dollar and continue toquestion the formuale used to calculate your rates.


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